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Why should I sign up for QodeScan?

    QodeScan is your best choice for barcode creation, resolution and management services. It is very easy to use and cost effective. We use a managed methodology in the creation of our codes which means that you can change the content that the code resolves to, as often as you wish, without changing or reprinting the code. This means flexibility and ease of use in all of your marketing, advertising and/or product initiatives. QodeScan is the only choice for your QR needs.

What happens if I exceed my total number of scans?

    If you exceed the number of scans in your package, you can upgrade within the QodeScan service at any time, either by increasing the number of scans or upgrading your service level. If you would prefer to wait until your codes refresh the following month, you are also more than welcome to do that. At all times, your account will remain active. While signed in, check out the status bar to find out how your codes are performing.

What if I need more codes?

    The only way to add more codes to your account is to upgrade your service level or create a second account.

Can I change where my codes direct any time?

    Yes, you modify where the code is being routed to at any time. This is the great thing about using QodeScan and our managed service. The resolution URL* can be changed at any time to direct your customers to where you want them to go anytime, anywhere. Resolution URL simply refers to the mobile website that you are planning to direct those who scan your QR code to (whether a mobile webpage, app, vcard, etc). The Resolution URL is changeable by you – anytime.

How many barcodes do I need?

    It really depends on how you are planning to use the codes. If you are planning to have a unique code for every piece of collateral or advertising that you use, to track the specific performance of each piece, then you may need more than simply one that applies to all. It is really up to you and your specific campaign goals.

Will my barcode expire?

    Yes, your barcodes will expire if your account is not renewed or kept current. As long as your account is in good standing, your codes will not expire. For those codes which are in accounts not in good standing or have reached their scan limit, the codes will resolve to a ‘campaign has ended’ screen.

What barcode reader should I use to read the barcode?

    QodeScan’s barcode reader of choice is NM’s NeoReader® available for download at all app stores. Search NeoReader to find us and get started today. However, if you want to use a different reader, our codes are fully supportable and scannable by any barcode reader that scans open standard codes.

How do I add some of more advanced capabilities to my account like branded codes, custom host name, rules management or other Enterprise features?

    We would be happy to work with you in getting your code needs addressed immediately. Email sales@qode.com or call us at +1.303.546.7946.

What if I no longer want to use mobile barcodes and want to cancel my service?

    You can cancel your account at any time by emailing support@qode.com Any prepaid services will not be credited back to your account though and service will be stopped when the prepaid service term is reached.

Who is NM?

    NM, LLC is the company behind QodeScan. We are the pioneers in the mobile barcode ecosystem and have well over sixty patents awarded and pending in the QR code space worldwide. Unlike many providers, we have a long-term history providing innovative bar code solutions, have launched thousands of successful campaigns, and have developed a sustainable business model that ensures we'll be here for years to come. Using us ensures that your campaigns are licensed under our foundational patents, something few other providers can ensure.

Did we answer your question?

    If we have not addressed your question, please email us at sales@qode.com for more information. If you are a current customer and have technical questions about QodeScan, please email support@qode.com

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